About Us

Yellow Book is a new brand and service being offered by A to Z Pages.

It has been designed to offer a straight-forward option for locating businesses within specific geographical locations.

Users can obtain access to information on businesses, their address and phone number, website and email details.

Overview of Yellow Book.

Yellow Book was Established in 2001, was designed to offer Australians relevant localised search results.

Emmanuel Khoury - Managing Director for Mandino Pty Ltd & Yellowbook.com.au Pty Ltd


Since the establishment of A TO Z PAGES, Emmanuel has been with the team from the beginning of operation. Since establishment, he has been working with the development and marketing team, marketing the group of websites on the Internet. Currently, Emmanuel attends University studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Economics and Finance and studying law in his private time with a retired Barrister, whom is close family friend.

Emmanuel is proud of his achievement and is grateful for Google providing a search engine that gave him the opportunity to find the information that he needed to develop his knowledge on the Internet.

Recently on the 29th September 2006, Emmanuel joined 2 companies based in the UK and the US in creating a new company in Australia called Yellowbook.com.au Pty Ltd and was appointed Managing Director and CEO for the Australian operation. Yellowbook.com.au recently won a decision in the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) against Telstra Corporation Limited over the disputed domain names Yellowbook.com.au and Yellowbook.net.au

Yellowbook.com.au is a comprehensive business directory and gives Australian businesses the opportunity to add and edit their business online for free and integrating future services such as OzCoupons.com.au to the website.


Jozef Goldberg, Head of Technology

Jozef Goldberg
, co-founder, is the General Manager of our Group of websites including YELLOWBOOK.COM.AU Pty. Ltd. Jozef has twelve years experience in Web Business Management, Consulting and Development. Jozef has been our search engine Developer for the last five years.


• Organizational Management and Human Resource Management
• State examinations from:
• Theory, methods and application in management
• Human Resource Management
• Theme of Diploma work: Coaching as a tool for improving employee performance
• Economic study: Management, Marketing, Accounting
• Math, Statistics
• Psychology, Coaching
• Law: private, public, company


• Program and System Engineering s.r.o., Software Engineer II
• Program and System Engineering s.r.o., Project Leader.
• Program and System Engineering s.r.o., Quality manager.
Operating systems:

• Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP
• MVS – OS/390
• Application design & analysis, implementation and testing
• Programming in VB, VBA, and Java
• Web Desining ASP PHP XML CC+
• Fast learning curve
• working in a project team
• MS SQL Server 2000 (installation, SQL)
• MS Access
• Oracle 8i (SQL)

Speaking Languages


Laurette Mandino, Head of Search and Products

Laurette Mandino, co-founder, leads search and products for Our Group of Websites. Laurette has been working with our Developers for the last five years.


Laurette received her degree in Multimedia Technology and graduated with Highest Honors. Her formal education also includes graduation from The Queensland Institute of Photography.
Laurette studed in digital film editing techniques.
Laurette studed in 3D animation and fear or shock.


Research & publishing global economic issues and developing new topics. Web / Graphic / Multimedia Design & Production / Web Editor.

David Khoury, Head of Advertising, Marketing and Design

David is a traditional designer and manufacturer, however, in this day and age, David is head of advertising, marketing and design.

David specialises in Computer Systems, Marketing Strategy, Website Marketing, Internet Page Design and is our Internet Consultant. As a Webmaster he enjoys simple Internet pages design providing pure information fast.

Please contact us on info@yellowbook.com.au

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